Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogging is a daily thing or My Etsy Store is finally stocked :)

The hubby says that blogging has to be done on a daily basis and I guess since I am such a procrastinator, it is a good thing that he gets on my case about it ;)

So I spent most of my day today, taking pictures of pretty jewelry for my Etsy Store. Of course those pictures then had to be edited in Photoshop and then I had to list all of the items... Let's just say it was a ton of fun but also pretty exhausting. I know it doesn't sound like all that much work but I also haven't mentioned yet that this little lady is pretty pregnant at the moment and everything kind of becomes a chore when you lug around all those extra pounds, lol. 
We made some quick and pretty delicious pasta for dinner and I would have taken some pictures had I not been starving already. Another one of those pregnancy side effects. Oh yeah, I am 26 weeks today :)

Tomorrow, I will finally get to have a nice little video chat with the bestie from Germany and then it's off to the in-laws for a always delicious Sunday dinner. 

Here are some pictures of todays work :)


  1. Hi, i love the flower necklaces you're selling on Etsy! I'm considering buying one but as i live in Europe i'm not sure about the import duties. Need to have that checked out 1st (unless you know?).
    Good luck with the shop, the blog and the pregnancy!

  2. Thanks so much :) I looked into the cutoms duties and it looks like it always depends on the item value and the inspector. I couldn't figure out how much they take just that it is some smaller percentage. Sorry I couldn't help :( Let me know if you find out though...
    When I moved to the states years ago from Germany, I sent a bunch of big boxes with my things over. I think i spent about 60 euros just to ship each box but I never had to pay any import duties. It took weeks and months for my stuff to all get here but i all made it, lol.

  3. Sorry to butt in, but I am pretty sure if you keep the price on the package low and mark it as a gift you will not have to pay any import taxes. I live in France and it has worked for me! Hope it helps.



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