Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{home project}: dining room

As promised here are (finally) some pictures of lovely BESTA storage from Ikea on our dining room wall. 

We love how it turned out and even though it still looks bare it has soooo much potential. We got the white high gloss doors for everything and threw in some glass to break it up a little. Our kitchen island uses the same high gloss finish so it ties in nicely. We also varied the heights to give it more visual interest. There are two drawers and everything else is just a door. As you can see it came with a lot of extra shelves which I haven't all put in yet. Gotta figure out what to put in there first. BESTA is not the cheapest solution, especially not when you go with the high gloss or glass doors but there are tons of color options and even glass doors that you can add your own fabric panels to. The hubby managed to hang all the cabinets by himself I only had to make marks for him. I put together all the drawers and hardware on the doors. Definitely no fun when you're 32 weeks preggers. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

blogger problems :(

Well, I wrote this nice little post about the dining room storage and I can't add any pictures. I've been having problems with blogger for maybe 2 weeks now. It's been awfully slow when uploading pictures and now it has come to the point where I can't upload anything. I also can't upload to Photobucket or my email anymore so I don't know what's going on but it may be a bigger problem. I have even tried using a different computer and it's the same. I cleaned out the cache and the cookies but it hasn't changed anything... So much time wasted today in order to figure this out and I am at the point now where I'll just have to let it go for today. So sorry there are no pics, hopefully I can get it taken care of. 

giveaway reminder

Just a little reminder that the "Made with Love" Event at The Reynolds Mom is still going on. Make sure you enter the giveaway for $15 to my Etsy store and also check out some of the other offers she has :) You can also use the coupon code ASHREY to get 25% off, now until April 8th. 

I am still getting things organized in our dining room since we installed new wall cabinets. I will be posting some pictures later on. I am so happy with the extra storage space :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

what a disappointment babies'r'us

So after searching for weeks, I thought I had finally found the perfect chair for the nursery...
isn't it pretty?
The Newco Sunny Swivel Reclining Glider in Sage from Babies'r'Us for $399.88.
It is perfect. Well, it was perfect... It is modern yet it still swivels, reclines and rocks! It got great reviews about how comfortable it is and that the fabric being nice. The color is perfect and would work in the nursery, the living room and even in our bedroom. I fell in love and I even got over the fact that $400 was a little more than what we wanted to spend. 
Did I mention I fell in love??? 
My mother-in-law even offered to go in on it and was going to order it for us. Babies'r'Us was advertising free shipping, everything was perfect...

Well, you already know that this story doesn't have a happy ending... 
I guess it was just too good to be true.
My MIL calls me today and lets me that she was going to place the order however, shipping was nowhere close to being free. It was actually $170!!!!!!!! minus $20 which Babies'r'Us apparently considers to be FREE SHIPPING! Are you kidding me? Who pays $170 for shipping? In my opinion that is absolutely outrageous. How dare you advertise FREE SHIPPING all over your site? And yes, I know that there is fine print, bla bla bla... That's simply misleading!
She ended up calling our local store to see if they had it in stock or could at least order it to the store. They just told her that none of the stores in PA, WV or OH have it in stock and that they can't order it to the store. 
I am so upset! Of course we are not going to pay $550 for this chair. I also couldn't find any other stores that sell it, so now I am back to zero. 
What a disappointment! Babies'r'Us has already failed me before this little one is even born. I guess I will be doing my baby shopping somewhere else from now on. 

Any suggestions for an awesome and affordable chair? It should be upholstered and at least recline and glide. And shipping should not cost $170 ;) Thanks! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feature: Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am featuring the lovely Natalia from 
Ma Nouvelle Mode. She is one of the nicest people I have met in bloggy world so far and she has an interesting story to tell... Her family lives in France right now :) Please go visit her blog and leave her some comments or even become a new follower. I will be finishing up Baby boy's mobile today so I should have some pictures for you tomorrow :) 

Hello lovely Babes and Sages readers!!  It is so great to 'meet' you all!  Isn't this bloggy world great?  Meeting people with so much creativity and talent whom we might have never met before, I love it!

So let me introduce myself.  I have kinda a funny story.  My name is Natalia.  I am married to a 6'7" Bahamian, born and raised, and we live in France.  I know, right?  Crazy.  Our boys, we have two, are tri-cultural.  And it is really funny to see how they have French in there and neither one of us do.  Like my 4-year-old says "oh-la-la!"  It is hilarious.  I think I should probably stop it before we go back to the states. 
Us.  I was born and raised in southren California. My husband was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas.  We are a born again believers, I love my huge mafia-ish family (he's still getting used to it!), and most things different.  In college I met my husband, this big tall foreigner (as different as they come!), second semester, freshman year.  We dated, broke up, dated other people, hated eachother, were friends, and then dated again and then got married.  It was a long haul, but sooooo worth it.  We figure now, if we could make it through what we did then, we can make it through anything.  So far so good.

Our oldest son, Tae, is a sweetheart.  He is so tender and thoughtful.  Even when he is throwing up sick, he says thankyou to a glass of water or medicine.   He loves basketball, being active, outside, camping, swimming, learning, and friends.  He is social.  Boy do I love him!
Next is Eli.  He has a tender heart, but also a very strong will.  He is not even one and we are already working on temper tantrums and hitting.  But when he gets in trouble, he cries and goes in for hugs.  It's like he doesn't want to be bad, but he can't help himself!  He is incredibly smart, ask anyone who has met him, and funny.  Can't wait to see what his personality turns into!
Why France?  We live in France because my husband is a professional basketball player.  I love it.  It is hard at times, like today, when I just want to speak English and not think about every sentence that comes out of my mouth, but so incredible.  I am experiencing another culture, language, country and truly experiencing it.  I understand it is not for everyone, but it is the time of my life.  I know eventually we will settle down in the U.S. and when that time comes, it will be great (I will probably miss this!).  But for now, this is perfect.  Just this year I have been able to go to England, Switzerland twice, Italy, and I am off to Paris next weekend!  (Mostly thanks to my awesome husband who makes it possible!)
My blog.  I had a family blog going for all family and friends back home but I was really loving all the crafting, DIY, home, fashioin blogs out there.  I had been feeling pretty dumpy being a mom and not taking a lot of time for myself and I thought "wait!  I used to be creative!  I used to wear makeup!  I used to get out of my PJ's and occasionally do my hair!!  There is no reason having two kids should stop me from doing that!"  So that is where 'Ma Nouvelle Mode' came from, meaning 'my new style' in French.  I am reinventing myself in a way.  On my blog you will find fashion, beauty tips, DIY tutorials, travel tips (since I do it so much!), recipes and much much more.  I don't want to limit myself to one topic because, ask anyone who knows me, it just doesn't fit! 

nouvelle Mode

Thursday, March 24, 2011

new goodies in the shop and a giveaway

It's me again :) 
I just put some new goodies up in my shop so go check it out. 

I also wanted to let you all know that I am participating in the "Made with Love Event" over at The Reynolds Mom tomorrow!!! I am super excited because I am giving away another $15 shop credit and she will also be reviewing my items and doing a small feature. There will be 17 great Etsy Shop owners featured and you should really check them all out and enter the giveaways.
This is what Ashley at The Reynolds mom had to say about the event: 

The Made With Love event is all about featuring fantastic products made by hand. 

The event will consist of review/giveaway posts, featuring handmade products/stores/Etsy shops/talented moms in each one. Each review/giveaway post will be live at the same time on March 25th, and will end on April 3rd.


Made With Love Sponsors

another feature and a Target goodie bag

Hey everyone, today I am being featured by Jessie over at Imperfectly Polished. She is also offering a coupon code for 20% off your purchase at my Etsy shop so hop on over there, grab that code and leave her some comment love :) 

I also told you guys I was going to post about a free goodie bag I got from Target the other day. Well here it is...
They have unfortunately run out of free bags since I ordered it but I still think it's pretty nice for just answering 5 quick questions about my beauty shopping habits. The bag is so cute and the free Neutrogena lip balm alone is worth it. It also took less than 2 weeks to get here which is pretty fast considering they said it may take up to 8 weeks. 
I heard about this through Amber at Dragonfly Sweetnest blog so go on over there and check out some of the great deals and coupons she provides you with. Thanks Amber :) 

And to finish off this post, here is a little sneek preview of what I've been working on for the shop... 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

change of plans and more on the nursery

Wow, did we have a change of plans today! I was editing pictures to write this post when my husband calls me to let me know my neighbor and friend had to go to the hospital (she has heart issues and it's pretty bad), straight from work and her husband who is staying home with their 8 months old baby was asking if I could watch her. We have watched her numerous times and she is one precious little girl. My heart breaks for them each time her mom has to go to the hospital with yet another heart related issue. So of course I went next door so that he could go to the hospital. The hubs was running some errands and then joined me and we played and fed her. We ended up coming back over here with the little one since we don't know when and if they'll be back yet. I just put her down in our little man's crib and she had a hard time falling asleep :( She kept waking up and crying a little just to go back to sleep 10 seconds later. It's hard just to sit there and watch and try to comfort her without picking her back up out of the crib. This has seriously been such good practice for the both of us. I wish her mom weren't so sick, but watching her so much has given us so much good experience taking care of an infant. I am hoping and praying that her mommy will be back home soon. 

So now that I have a little free time I am finally going to upload those pictures I promised you all.
Here is the nursery, still in progress, but now with some more shelving and the frames hung on the wall. I love my handyman hubby :) The shelving is from Ikea. The frames are from Target. The artwork in the frames is by Katie Daisy (love her). The mural is painted by me (more here). The animal print pillow is made by me, the other two I bought at TJ Maxx. The bear is from Pottery Bran Kids. Quilt is also made by me. The tiger print bear on the shelf is a children's book character from my childhood. If you're interested you can find out more about the author Janosch here. I also managed to get a brand new Baby Bjorn carrier at the consignment sale last weekend for only $25!!! Such a great deal :) 

Enjoy the rest of your night. Hubby made some pasta for dinner and me and the little man in the belly are starving :) 
Did you go over to Ma Nouvelle Mode today for the feature? I have another feature coming up tomorrow so stay tuned for that and a post about some freebies Target sent me :) 

Feature at Ma Nouvelle Mode

Hey friends! 
Today the lovely Natalia over at Ma Nouvelle Mode is doing a feature on my blog and Etsy shop :)
You should totally hop on over there and grab yourself her lovely 20% off coupon code.
While you're there make sure to leave her some comment love and follow that lovely blog of hers. She currently lives in France!!! How cool is that? 

In other news, the hubby and I watched a really great documentary last night called - Waiting for "Superman" It's all about how the US public school system is broken and focuses on the Washington D.C. area, as well as other bigger cities. When I saw the preview for it a couple of weeks ago it really touched my heart and I am so glad we watched it. Kids should not have to enter into a lottery to get a spot at a school that can provide them with a chance to get a college education down the road! So if you are interested in learning more about what's wrong with our school system then you should really watch this film. You can order it from Netflix (long wait) or get it from a Redbox (like we did). 

After watching the documentary we also worked on installing some shelves in the nursery and I finally hemmed the curtains ;) I will post some more on that later and get some pictures up. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

absence makes the heart grow fonder... ;)

Sorry my lovely readers for being absent and ignoring this blog for a couple of days. The hubby was gone for a few days on a business trip and so we had to make up for some lost cuddle time ;) I should be used to him being gone a lot but since it's only during baseball season it is hard to get back into the awful grind. So we spent Sunday night cuddling on the couch with a movie and yesterday we went out to Ikea to shop for some furniture for our dining room and the nursery. We moved into this house almost 3 years ago but still have so many bare walls and things that need finished or already fixed again. We also had an early dinner at IHOP ;) yes, we love us some breakfast for dinner... 

So today I will be busy helping the hubs put most of this stuff together. We are hanging shelving units on the wall but Ikea didn't have the suspension rails that are needed. So for now we will put everything together and since the hubs is leaving on business again soon, the hanging part will have to wait until next week. Sorry there aren't any pictures today, I will make it up to you, I promise :) 

Have a lovely and productive day everyone! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giveaway ends tonight at 8 pm

Hey you all, hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. I sure am enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures, so no real post today but a quick reminder that the $15 giveaway to my Etsy shop ends tonight at 8 pm. Make sure you hop over to EisyMorgan and enter before it's too late. 
Should you miss it or you don't win, don't forget that the 25% coupon code EISYMORGAN is still good through March 31st :) 

Happy Shopping!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

fresh pineapple and hawaiian toast :)

Today I am going to a consignment sale for baby and kids stuff with my neighbor and friend. I remember going to these kinds of sales with my mom back when I was little. She volunteered there and we were always allowed to get the first pick on items the night before the sale started. This sale is several days long and seems to be pretty huge. My neighbor just had her first child last July so we both will be looking for some good deals. My baby shower is coming up in April so I am going to have to pace myself a little ;) 

So since I won't be here today I will leave you with what I made for dinner last night. It's called Hawaiian Toast and it is something my mom made a lot when me and my brothers were little. It is the equivalent to a US kid's grilled cheese. So easy and yummy, you will love it. 
I had fresh pineapple on hand but you can just get a can. I love using our pineapple corer that I got from WMF in Germany before I moved here. It makes cutting up pineapple a breeze. 
 It removes the core and leaves you with a perfect pineapple spiral :) 

Then, for the Hawaiian Toast all you need is bread that you butter lightly on both sides, some sort of lunch meat like ham, turkey or hard salami, some cheese (I like swiss) and of course pineapple slices. 
Simply layer the meat and pineapple and top it off with your cheese. Then put it in the oven at around 350 degrees until the cheese has melted. Voila! 

 Serve it with some ketchup or any other sauce of your liking. It is so easy to make and perfect when you don't really feel like cooking a meal. If you try this let me know how you liked it or even link back your post. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

For Japan with Love

Please donate or join in today's day of silence. Thank you all :) 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feature at EisyMorgan with a GIVEAWAY :)

Hello you lovely readers :) Today is a great day, the sun is out, it is not freezing anymore and I am being featured at the wonderful EISYMORGAN blog :))
I am also doing a $15 shop credit giveaway for my Etsy shop over there so please make sure to hop on over and enter to win!!! If you don't win you can still use coupon code EISYMORGAN in my shop to receive 25% off your purchase (pre-shipping) starting today until March 31st. That's an entire 2 weeks!!!
Just imagine all the cute things you could get with that shop credit or discount code...

Thank you Ashley for doing this feature and hosting the giveaway :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY: Wall Mural

Yesterday I finally got around to painting the wall mural in the nursery :) I am kind of in love with birch trees because of their gorgeous white bark and the way they grow so skinny and tall. 

Photo: Michael Hudson, Source

I knew for a while that wanted to put trees on the wall and I think it definitely suits a boys room. I looked at some of these wall decals that seem to be everywhere right now, but couldn't get myself to actually pay that much money for something I feel skilled enough to do on my own. 


However, I still had a little bit of hesitation due to the size of the project and was worried about being able to achieve the right scale without the help of a projector. I looked around for a cheap art projector but again couldn't get myself to spend money on that either ;) WoW I didn't realize how frugal I can be! So I ended up just free-handing the entire thing. 
I guess the worst that could have happened is that I would have had to repaint the wall. The worst did not happen :) 
I actually really love how it turned out and its whimsical qualities as opposed to a more bold, graphic look of the decals. It only took me a little more than an hour to do so I wasn't completely exhausted afterwards either ;) Some of you ladies out there probably know how exhausting just a little bit of physical activity can be when you're almost 31 weeks pregnant...

I am happy with the way it looks but I may still add in some birds or leaves. We have a bunch of picture frames to hang and I want to put up shelving. So again, it is not done but we are one step closer :) 

If you want to give this a shot all you need is some left-over paint and a few different sized paint brushes. The darker the wall the bolder your trees are going to look. Obviously, if you have a very light wall you may want to use darker paint. Do any of you have murals or decals on your walls? I would love to see them so feel free to leave a link in the comments section. 

Also, I am still looking for more bloggers who would like to join the blogger rewards program. For more info just click here :) 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday, we have our last childbirth class tonight, yay! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

bloggers, do you want to earn free stuff from my Etsy shop?

So I decided to start some more "aggressive" ;) marketing for my shop in order to hopefully get more sales and get the word out there. I have come up with an incentive program for you wonderful Bloggers out there that will help me promote my shop and help you get some wonderful free accessories for yourself :) or to give away as gifts to your friends and family. 

This is how it'll work if anyone is interested:

All you need to do is send me an email to babesandsages(at)gmail(dot)com or a comment on this post, letting me know that you are interested in participating. Please also include a link to your blog. It doesn't matter how big or small your blog is, all are welcome :)
I will then provide you with more detailed information on how the program works and also a button to my store which you will place on your landing page. This button will feature a coupon code that is specific to your blog and offers your readers a 20% discount on their purchase from my shop. I will keep track of all the sales that are generated with your coupon code and you will receive store credit at my shop. This store credit will never expire and can be added up if you would like to make a bigger purchase. 

For every sale that you generate you will receive a $2 base credit.
A $10 - $15 sale will earn you an additional $2.
A $15.01 - $20.00 sale will earn you an additional $2.
A $20.01 - $30.00 sale will earn you an additional $2.
A $30.01 - $40.00 sale will earn you an additional $2.
A $40.01 - $49.99 sale will earn you an additional $2.
A $50 - $99.99 sale will earn you a whooping $20 credit.
A $100 and up sale will earn you a whooping $40 credit. 

Make sense? Basically any sale that you generate except once it goes over $50 will at least earn you $2. If you generate a $20 sale, you will earn $6 for yourself. If you generate a $35 sale you earn $10 for yourself. If you generate a $50 sale you get a $20 credit, this is where I drop the base credit. 
And the best part... All you really need to do is put a button to my store on your landing page. You can also advertise my store in as many other ways a you would like. Feel free to use pictures of my products form my blog, just make sure you link back. Write a weekly, monthly or yearly post referring your readers to my store, it's all up to you. Do as much or as little promoting as you want :) 
You don't pay me and I pay you in store credit. :) 

I am very excited to see if this will work and hope that many of you will want to give it a try also. You are free to remove my button from your blog at any time and end this program, I swear I won't be offended. All this information can also be found under the BLOGGER REWARDS tab at the top of this blog. 


Sunday, March 13, 2011

hello monday and giveaways

Hello Monday, there you are again ;) Today I will be mostly by myself since the hubs has to go into work for most of the day and so I can focus on the mountain of laundry piling up in my laundry room...;) I have also secretly been teaming up with some other awesome bloggers out there, to do some review/giveaway type of thing for my Etsy Shop. My first giveaway and feature is coming up on Thursday over at EisyMorgan and will be worth $15 to my shop as well as a coupon code for 25% off that will be good for an entire 2 weeks!!! So please remember (and I will remind you again) to go over there and enter the giveaway or simply use the coupon code starting on Thursday (you don't even have to do anything for that one, how easy is that???). Make sure to tell all your friends too, so that they don't miss out on this. 
Here are some of the goodies you could get with that store credit or coupon code...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

florida i miss you already...

So I am finally settling back in at home and unfortunately there is a ton of stuff to do, like cleaning and laundry and cooking instead of going out for lunch and dinner ;) Florida was a blast and I wish I didn't have to come back to freezing temperatures and snow... The hubby gets to go back already on Thursday so I guess the puppies and I will be spending a lonely weekend together. Can you hear the violins playing? ;)
Even though he had to work a lot, hubby made sure I was taken care of and even brought me food to the room. He's great like that :) He also does this when we're home, this morning he chopped up some pineapple for me and brought it up so I didn't even have to get out of bed. Do you guys have awesome hubbies or boyfriends like that? What do they do for you? 

The good thing about being back home is that I can finally keep up with writing regular blog posts again so you guys should be totally excited about that. Look at you all doing your little happy dances :) I also have some give-aways coming up soon so I'll be posting more about that in the near future. For now I am going to leave you with some pictures from the trip. Enjoy ;) 


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