Tuesday, March 1, 2011

childbirth woes :( and lots of lovelies :)

I had such a busy day today with a prenatal check-up, some shopping (I found a bikini to take to Florida, yay) and then childbirth class, where they told us all about pain meds and c-sections. I really want to try for a natural, unmedicated birth and we have watched so many documentaries on it that we are convinced it is the best option for us and the baby. Tonight however made it clear again that hospitals are simply not into letting you do it the way you want it. 1 out of 4 women in the US actually has a c-section which is absolutely crazy to me. There is no way that such a high percentage of women need to deliver this way. My hospital's rate is 27%!!! What in the world did we do before c-sections were possible? I really am trying hard to not let this get to me too much since I don't want to go into the whole process being scared. I am pretty confident that things will work out and we are hopefully going to be able to spend as much of my labor at home as possible. If it were easier to have a home birth I think I would never even enter the hospital. Hubby has been a little upset since we got home because he just doesn't like the way things have been presented to us so far. I am glad he is so concerned, I know he cares and is worried about me and the baby but I don't want him to get too frustrated. I am confident that I have everything that is needed to bring this child into the world :) 

Ok so enough of that for now ;) I don't want to bore you all too much...
Instead let me show you some of the gorgeous Bloom necklaces I have available in my Etsy shop right now. I added some new pictures to my listings and here they are. See anything you like? Just head on over here. I've been working on some new things that I will start to list tomorrow so check back for that too.

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  1. Love those necklaces. I know the C-section rate is really high. I created a birth plan in which I gave the doctor and the hospital right when we checked in that stated I did not want a C-section unless I or the baby was in immediate danger. They listened to me and even though we had a few complications during the process I gave birth naturally (but with an epidural and petocin).

  2. The necklaces are beautiful! Can't wait to get one. And don't worry about the childbirth stuff. Just make it clear to your dr and nurses what you want, like you said, try to labor mostly at home. You will be fine, don't be scared! A lot of woman who have c sections choose it, so that might be why it is so high. You'll be great!

  3. With my first birth, I also created a birth plan - and they ignored it. It really depends on the hospital and OB and nurse staff. It was altogether a terrible experience, and though we put our feet down and said "NO C-SECTION!" (they were concerned that labor was "taking too long" after only 14 hours, and this was my first baby - RIDICULOUS!) there were other forced interventions upon interventions that led me to have to get epidural, which led to tearing, etc, etc. I know that for a lot of women, a birth center with nurse-midwives is a great compromise - still the "safety" of a hospital, but more consistent, midwife-model support.
    My next four babies were born at home, and it was a world of difference. Even an incredibly difficult Occipitoposterior Presentation (that's fully sunny-side up and had to be manually rotated INSIDE me without any pain meds!) was worth it, because an OB later said, "we would have immediately gone to C-section." Other than more-than-usual soreness on my part, mom and baby were GREAT, no tearing, and certainly no major operation to recover from.
    I'm full-term again now and waiting to give birth again at home, this time in Ohio, which has a homebirth scenario like Penn....not easy, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.
    Homebirth is not for everyone, and I never want to be preachy to someone who's not interested. But if you ARE interested, I highly recommend searching out a group like www.pamidwives.org, who can help you find a licensed, experienced midwife in your area, to at least discuss your options with first.
    My big regret with my first-born was that I simply didn't know what was possible...I just went to the birth classes and listened to my OB and really believed that a medicated hospital birth was really the only likely scenario.
    There are so many more options out there. Don't let fear get you down; Certainly knowledge can help you overcome fear!
    Feel free to visit me at my blog if you want to chat more about any of this.
    I'm LOVING your blog!! :)

  4. Thanks for all your support ladies, I really appreciate it. Heidi, I am not opposed to a home birth but it is getting so close now and I don't know if we can really still change our minds. I haven't looked into it enough yet but I went to that website and for Pittsburgh area they only have two places, which are both connected to hospitals so they could be options... We will see. It is good to hear that it worked out fine for you so many times. Thanks for taking the time to write such a long comment :)

  5. Have you talked to your doctor about your wishes? I didn't have a birth plan but I did make my doctor aware that I did not want an epidural and wanted to give birth naturually, as long as the baby was safe and healthy. For my son I was in labor for 22 hours. At one point the nurses started telling me that I had a long time left and I should really have an epidural so that I could rest. I made it clear that I did not want it and I was fine, they still persisted until my Memere, who had 10 children of her own, stepped forward and said "she is fine back off!" HE HE. With my second I was induced because she did not want to come out! There were a few complications and the medicine started to stress her out and they brought up a c-section. I panicked! I hate surgery and would have had to be knocked out, and it would have been a 3 hour recovery time AWAY from my hubby and baby because they don't have a separate recovery area for moms. Luckily my doctor realized my panic and although they still called down to reserve an OR, she did decide it would be OK to try the process again from the beginning and it turned out well. She came out with a bang - I went from 7 to 10 cm in about 5 minutes. It took three pushes and she was out! MUCH different than my first birth. Good luck to you. You'll do great. OH - and the birthing instructure we saw basically LAUGHED in my face when I raised my hand saying I was going to do it naturally. She said it takes a very stubborn woman to be able to do it... my husband said, You OBVIOUSLY don't know my wife. She WILL give birth naturally. I pretty much didn't like her after that. What right did she have to try to dissuade or disallusion me?

  6. Kim, thanks so much for your post. It's so good to hear from women who have done it naturally. I did mention to my doctor that I don't want meds but I am in a practice with many doctors and I won't get to choose who will be at the hospital when I give birth. I will bring a birth plan though so that everyone knows my wishes. Our childbirth instructor was very nice and she said she had three kids naturally, however she had very fast labors and so she made sure to let us all know that it's up to us what we want. I am sure I was the only one in my class that wants to go naturally anyway. I am trying not to stress too much and just trust myself and my husband and mom who will be there to support me.
    I am also terrified of a c-section. I have never even been in the hospital for anything before. Hopefully he will simply come out on time so I won't have to be induced and deal with complications from getting meds.

    Thanks again for sharing your story :)



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