Monday, March 28, 2011

what a disappointment babies'r'us

So after searching for weeks, I thought I had finally found the perfect chair for the nursery...
isn't it pretty?
The Newco Sunny Swivel Reclining Glider in Sage from Babies'r'Us for $399.88.
It is perfect. Well, it was perfect... It is modern yet it still swivels, reclines and rocks! It got great reviews about how comfortable it is and that the fabric being nice. The color is perfect and would work in the nursery, the living room and even in our bedroom. I fell in love and I even got over the fact that $400 was a little more than what we wanted to spend. 
Did I mention I fell in love??? 
My mother-in-law even offered to go in on it and was going to order it for us. Babies'r'Us was advertising free shipping, everything was perfect...

Well, you already know that this story doesn't have a happy ending... 
I guess it was just too good to be true.
My MIL calls me today and lets me that she was going to place the order however, shipping was nowhere close to being free. It was actually $170!!!!!!!! minus $20 which Babies'r'Us apparently considers to be FREE SHIPPING! Are you kidding me? Who pays $170 for shipping? In my opinion that is absolutely outrageous. How dare you advertise FREE SHIPPING all over your site? And yes, I know that there is fine print, bla bla bla... That's simply misleading!
She ended up calling our local store to see if they had it in stock or could at least order it to the store. They just told her that none of the stores in PA, WV or OH have it in stock and that they can't order it to the store. 
I am so upset! Of course we are not going to pay $550 for this chair. I also couldn't find any other stores that sell it, so now I am back to zero. 
What a disappointment! Babies'r'Us has already failed me before this little one is even born. I guess I will be doing my baby shopping somewhere else from now on. 

Any suggestions for an awesome and affordable chair? It should be upholstered and at least recline and glide. And shipping should not cost $170 ;) Thanks! 

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