Thursday, April 28, 2011

{I SPY}: Jewelry Edition

Today i am linking up to Little Miss Momma's I Spy: Jewelry Edition.
Sorry about the somewhat awful pics, the lighting was pretty crappy ;) I am a serious Jewelry addict as you can tell and this was a lot of fun to do. Now I'm gonna go enjoy the sunshine :) Hope you all are having a sunshiny day, too! 

 PS: In case you were wondering, Bijou Brigitte is a Jewelry Store chain in Europe ;) And I misspelled it every time lol! I always sucked at French... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Umm, yeah I'm still here...

Holy laziness I guess ;) I know I've been very absent... I love my blog, I miss my blog, but this pregnancy along with everything else that's been going on (like this nice little cold I have) is kicking my butt (which by the way is also getting bigger by the day, lol). My dad and brother came in for a surprise visit all the way from Germany last Friday. Dad had to leave on Monday but little bro is still here until next Monday. He is bored out of his mind I am sure, since I can't provide much entertainment at the moment. I hope he understands. The hubby has been working crazy hours and baseball is once again in control of our lives ;) In my mind I am already planning our post-season get-away to the Caribbean. Wonder how that will go with a 4 months old... 

The weather is finally coming around but with all the heat and thunderstorms it gets almost unbearably humid and stuffy in the house. Who knew we would have to go straight from heating to air conditioning? No, don't worry, I am still refusing to take it that far. For now we try and keep the windows open and the fans running. 

I went to the OB today and it seems like the little peanut is still having a blast in there. They did a strep B test and asked if i wanted my cervix checked. I declined. I don't really see the need for it just yet. They will probably start checking either next week or the week after and that's fine with me. I will spare you my insurance issues for now. Just know that I am seriously ticked off at these office ladies that treat you like a second class citizen because you dared to have your insurance company re-process a claim because you didn't feel like forking over $300 for an immunization you were told you needed to get. I seriously had to explain myself 5 times before she finally figured out that I did not owe them $300 at all. No one should have to pay that much money for a shot but if I knew that I owed it I would have payed it a long time ago. Get off your high horse lady! Sorry about the rant... 

So tonight we are having a pet funeral at the in-laws house. Our sweet Lady pup had to be put down last night after having many, many seizures and simply being in too bad shape. My in-laws adopted her about 4 years ago from a local shelter. We never found out how old she really was, we just knew she was older. The vet guessed that she was at least 12 and may have suffered a stroke or a brain tumor. I guess it was her time to go. She will certainly be missed by all of us. 

But after all the complaining I do on a daily basis, about things that are really not that important,  I am thankful that a rainy afternoon at my house looks like this. With two sleepy men and a sleepy girl all cuddled up in the window seat for a little nap. And soon, very soon, there will be another little man to join the sleepy train and all of this will have been worth it :) 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Shop Listings :)

I put some new things in the shop so go head on over and get yourself one of these pretties :) 
Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

{LOVELIES}: Saturday

So, I want to start something new on this blog and that is sharing some wonderful things from around the wonderful WWW with you guys. Here are my LOVELIES picks for this rainy, windy Saturday :) 

via Noodlehead
I badly need one of these and this is a wonderful tutorial. Our mail piles are always out of control and all over the house ;) 

via Smile and Wave 
Aren't these lovely? I want to try this with my covered clipboards.

via The Wandering Artist
So cute, I wish PA weather would cooperate with me wanting to show of my toes like this ;) 

So what are your LOVELIES today? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Giveaway reminder

Don't forget to enter the $15 giveaway over at Craft Couture!!! It ends tonight at midnight EST :) 
I am enjoying the sunshine today and putting new stuff in my Etsy shop so there's another reason why you totally want to win that $15 :)) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love getting stuff in the mail :)

Look what just flew in :) I ordered these last week to hang from string in the nursery. Aren't they so cute? They all have cool little facts about the animals on the back, like did you know that Alligators have a transparent third eyelid that lets them see under water??? Pretty cool huh? What's even better is that they are big (5x7) and only cost $5.50. Shipping was unfortunately $4.99 :( but still it was so worth it. Now I just have to spray paint some clothes pins for hanging and hang them all... Things are coming together :) 

Baby Shower Pics :)

I finally got to edit some of the shower pics so here they are. There are so many I had to put a page break in, in order not to bore you to death in case you have no interest in baby shower pictures ;) But if you do want to see them all make sure you click on the link... 
Diaper Cake the MIL made
Baby Powder scented candles for favors.
Mandie from Millie Morgan Media made the decorated jars. I wanted the ball jars for glasses :) 
My future SIL made these awesome ducky cupcakes. Sooo much work...

Game prizes, some in decorated jars and I made the clipboards. Aren't they cute? 

Fruit Rainbow :) So cute and so yummy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maternity Shoot

Hey everyone, sorry I have been so absent around here lately but with the baby shower and some last minute shopping I have been pretty busy. Plus, the hubby had a couple of days off from work so we had to take advantage of that :) 
My best friend and blogger/photographer Mandie from MillieMorganMedia took some extra time after the shower to take some pictures of us. It wasn't really planned but worked out so great since Sunday was a beautiful day and now it's back to cold and rain once more :( I can't wait for some real Spring weather around here. The pictures turned out great and we are so glad Mandie took the time and she also sent us our edited pics right the next day!!! If you are in Western PA and are looking for an affordable and awesome photographer please go check out her blog and contact her. You won't be disappointed. 
You can also find the link to the rest of this shoot at the bottom of her blog. 
I wore a Forever21 dress on clearance for $7.99!!!, Forever21 cardigan for $8.99, Leggins from Target and Gimbal Boots from Steve Madden I got on sale for $69 at TJ Maxx. I think the necklace came from LOFT. 
 I love my man :) He will be the best dad. 

Also, don't forget the $15 giveaway is still going on over at Craft Couture!!! So if you haven't entered yet make sure you do and let your friends know. Entries are still low and it doesn't end until Friday. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Shower and a Giveaway :)

Sunday is Baby Shower day :) I spent all day today finishing up some last minute details and helping out with the decorating etc. I know as the mom-to-be I am not supposed to be doing that kind of stuff but I love it and I would feel bad not helping when I am the one that doesn't have a full time job during the week. 
I am very excited to see everyone and enjoy some good food and hopefully some funny games. I will be posting pictures early next week. 

Most importantly though, to celebrate my baby shower and share the love I decided to do another $15 giveaway to my Etsy shop :) It is being held over at Craft Couture and will run for an entire week. Make sure you hop on over there on Sunday and start getting your entries in :) 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainy Day

It's a rainy day here today so we are snuggled up on the couch watching tv. The hubby was gone for an entire week so I'm glad he's finally back home and off today :) I got to watch this little peanut twice in the last week. Doesn't she look so cute with the Peony Headband on? She didn't even try to pull it off ;) Instead she just wouldn't stop crawling around and I had the hardest time getting this picture. I can't wait to hold my own babe in just 6 more weeks :) Hope you all are having a sunny day but if it's a rainy one then you're hopefully spending it all cuddled up with your loves. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

{DIY}: fabric covered notebooks and camera strap cover

 I've been working on some cute fabric covered notebooks and a camera strap cover for the lovely and caring girls that are planning and throwing me my baby shower this coming weekend. 
 By posting these pics I am of course risking a spoiled surprise but I am sooo bad at keeping gifts a secret anyway ;) 
 I didn't really follow any tutorials for these so it was pretty much trial and error. The first one turned out a little big so I just put an additional top stitch. The second one was close to perfect in size but I couldn't put a top stitch and would have liked to... Maybe I'll just have to make a third one and it'll be just right, lol.

 The camera strap cover was pretty easy to make. I would love to put some of this in my Etsy shop but it still takes me a long time to make these and I don't want to have to charge crazy prices either. What do you guys think? Would you like to see these in the shop??? 
Hope your day isn't as rainy as mine :( 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

{WIW}: baby shower shopping

Sorry for the crappy pictures that i had to take in my $10 Target mirror ;) The hubs is working so I don't have a photographer around. I am 33 weeks today  and my baby shower is coming up next weekend!!! Holy moly this baby is going to be here so soon... I feel like an old woman, not being able to move around much and something is always hurting ;) But today I actually made an effort to get dressed in something semi-cute since I'll be out shopping for shower decorations and supplies with my MIL and soon-to-be SIL. We are planning to go out for lunch also, so it should be a nice girls day out. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and hopefully you live somewhere warm because PA has totally missed the fact that it is supposed to be spring... 

Friday, April 1, 2011

{feature}: Jessie at Imperfectly Polished

So today I am finally featuring Jessie over at Imperfectly Polished :) I am still experiencing slow upload speeds and pictures are a pain ;) but at least we now know that it is indeed our internet provider that has been trying to fix this issue for a couple of weeks. Good luck to them! I hope it gets fixed soon. So without further ado, here is Jessie... 
Hi Babes and Sages readers!  I'm Jessie and I'm very excited to be here today. 
I blog over at and am here to share some info about me and my site and show you a few of my favorite projects.  A little about me...I have been married almost two years to my wonderful husband/handyman, Mike.  We love working on projects around the house and playing with our goldendoodle puppy, Pudge, who just turned one.  He is featured quite often on the blog so keep an eye out for him:)  We are Dave Ramsey followers and are working hard to pay off school loans so you will find very cheap, but still fun and stylish, projects at imperfectly polished.  I love to sew, craft, repurpose furniture, and create beautiful spaces in our home.  A unique feature on my blog is Financial Freedom Fridays where I give tips, tricks, and user-friendly ideas for budgeting, cooking, etc.  I recently added a Recipe tab where I will continue to add budget-friendly recipes that help keep our grocery bill down and our tummies full:)  Here are some of my favorite projects over at imperfectly polished:
Striped Curtains 
Inspiring sewing desk makeover
Blue board and batten

Thanks again for having me, Sophie, and I can't wait to meet some new faces at!

Thanks Jessie for guest posting today. Now everyone go on over there and leave her some comment love :) 


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