Saturday, April 2, 2011

{WIW}: baby shower shopping

Sorry for the crappy pictures that i had to take in my $10 Target mirror ;) The hubs is working so I don't have a photographer around. I am 33 weeks today  and my baby shower is coming up next weekend!!! Holy moly this baby is going to be here so soon... I feel like an old woman, not being able to move around much and something is always hurting ;) But today I actually made an effort to get dressed in something semi-cute since I'll be out shopping for shower decorations and supplies with my MIL and soon-to-be SIL. We are planning to go out for lunch also, so it should be a nice girls day out. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and hopefully you live somewhere warm because PA has totally missed the fact that it is supposed to be spring... 


  1. Hey Soph! Your preggo belly is so cute! Utah weather has been nice lately... my mom in CT told me they had a pretty big snowstorm though. What the heck is mother nature thinking?? And I'm so sorry I think I spaced letting everyone know about the award... what a jerk I am!

  2. Cute, cute bump! :)
    Here's hoping the weather warms up for you!
    visiting from the weekend blog hop :)



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