Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{GUEST POST} Meet Kate from Avery&Anderson

Hello, Babes & Sages Readers! 

I am honored to be quest blogging on Sophie's blog today & glad she is spending time with her lil man.  
My name is Kate from  I love blogging about my lil peanuts and the creations I come up with.  It is total therapy for me :) 

Today I am going to show you how to turn an old window into fabulous art! I found my window at a small town warehouse where they have lots of goodies like furniture, old school desks, windows, etc.  I must add my deal on this window---11 bucks! yippee! I would say that between the window, spray paint, tape, and fabric, the total cost for this project was about 16 dollars :) :) 

Here it is before: 

First and foremost, WIPE it down.  You could sand it too if you wanted, but a good wipe down was all this one needed. 

My husband actually helped me with this one (reference next photo). First, I taped the corners so that the spray paint didn't get on the window glass.  

After the paint is complete and dries, you pick out your fabric squares of choice, & cut appropriately to fit (leave about 1/2 inch to glue) Use hot glue to attach your fabrics. 

Finished product: 

Finally, this is the completed project hanging up on my wall.  I added a few decorative plates to tie it all together.  

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