Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being More

I listed new headbands in the shop. 

I finally came to realize that I need to keep creating and doing things for myself and my shop. Things that I am passionate about and things that make me happy. It makes me a better mother and a better partner as well. I need some balance between new responsibilities and aspirations that have been growing in silent for a long time. 

See, I have been stuck in the house with the bubs for the last 4 months. Now that the hubby is finally done with baseball for the season he is home a lot more. I mean like A LOT more :) 

I love being home with the little man, no doubt, I knew long before I got pregnant that I wanted to stay home as long as we could afford it. 
I couldn't imagine having to trust someone else, especially a total stranger, with my most precious. 
I totally understand that many women have no other choice and I am also planning on sending him to daycare once he gets a little older (and less breakable) ;) 

The thing is, I love being a mom and wife more than anything else and that will always come first.
I think a lot of times we forget that there is more to us than just being a great mom and wife though. What happens to our dreams and aspirations once we become so attached to a little human that we just push everything else aside? 

We work hard at being the best for the people we love most. Catering to the needs of the ones around us and thriving to make them happy. 

But we can't lose ourselves while doing it all. We need balance and support to be able to follow our own dreams and aspirations. Even if that means a lot less sleep, and maybe we won't bake another cake, and maybe it is actually ok to let them do the shopping if it means an hour to yourself. 

I am still working on this. I am still learning new things about being a mom and wife everyday. I am still learning to let things go, to not sweat the small stuff. I have an incredible man by my side that supports me and never fails to encourage me. 
But I want to be more, more than I am now and more than I will be tomorrow. I love what I do even when it doesn't make us a living. 

I am excited like a little girl every time someone buys one of my pieces and tells me they love it. That's why I have to keep going, keep creating and working on being more. I don't really know if I'll ever get there but I guess that's ok. That's just part of the adventure. 

And if I fail? Well, I don't think I can truly fail and that is something this perfect little 4 months old teaches me every day :) 


  1. Those are beautiful headbands and so hip for fashion right now!! If I had $$ I would buy one just so you know:) Maybe someday in the future! I feel the same way you feel about headbands but, in my photography. IT gives me a thing that is mine and that I can be creative in. Love it! I hear you on the balancing act. It is a constant learning process for us moms ain't it.

  2. Tja, das kennt wohl jede Mutter, und für jede ist die Antwort eine andere. Deine klingt doch, als ob sie für dich jetzt genau richtig wäre :) Und das ist die Hauptsache.

    Ganz liebe Grüße



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