Monday, November 7, 2011

{She wore what?} Pretty Plaid

I'm wearing: Gap Blazer, ONLY Sweater, Abercrombie Plaid Shirt, AE Skinny Jeans, Old Navy Wedge Booties, Fossil Bag.

Did you all have a good weekend?
The little man has been taking lots of long naps and sleeping super good at night - we are blessed. 
I had to let my mom fly back home :( Saying goodbye is always a bummer but we will see my family again for Christmas so I am looking forward to that. 

I wore this outfit out shopping with my mom and took some pics in the AE dressing room ;) 
I've had this blazer for over 2 years and only wore it a couple of times. I think I should wear it more often.
Living in PA we don't get much time between seasons to wear lightweight jackets so I am grateful that it's been fairly mild for the last few weeks :)
I absolutely love these shoes too. They are super comfortable to walk in, even for longer periods. 

So, today I'm gonna leave you with the cutest thing the hubby said to me last week:

Hubs: (gets out of the shower) Do like how I glisten in the sunlight?

Me: (long pause trying to process what he just said) Haha, what? You don't sparkle like Edward?

Hubs: Oh I've been sparkling since 2003.

Me: (confused) Since 2003?

Hubs: Yeah, I started sparkling when I met you. 

Ok, now you all can go vomit ;) haha

If you knew the hubs better you would realize that this wasn't the most serious conversation. 
Nonetheless, it was still a cute thing to say even though he was joking around. I am glad he thinks I make him sparkle :) 


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