Friday, January 20, 2012

{you'll laugh} a poopy mess

Yes, this post will possibly gross you out but you should get a good laugh out of it as well. This has to do with poop ;) Lots of poop. No not the little guy's and definitely not mine but it has to do with dog poop and me cleaning the entire downstairs after a certain missy decided to explode all over the place... Don't worry though - I will spare you the pictures! 

See, we finally got home from Germany on Tuesday night. We made it through a 9 hour flight, a 3 hour layover with a delay and another 1.5 hour flight back to Pittsburgh. We were so happy to be back in our own beds and we even raved about what an awesome mattress we have the next morning. Yes, we are weird like that. 

We spent Wednesday getting things unpacked, doing laundry and grocery shopping. Logan got back to his old self in only a day I was ready to let the hubby go on a 3 day work trip on Thursday.
Little did I know that after I dropped him off at the airport this poopy mess would happen and completely throw me off my 'I'm a Rock Star Mom, I got it all under control' trip. Yeah, go figure!

So on Thursday afternoon Logan decided he was tired but needed his momma to stay with him so he could sleep. He's a great sleeper and I don't mind giving in once in a while. So off to my bedroom we were for about an hour and a half. Enough time for the white one to (and I am guessing this is what happened) poop by the sliding door, feel bad about this incident and decide to have a little taste in order to clean up the mess. Yes, I know... DISGUSTING!!! 
I further figure that she got sick from it and then proceeded to vomit in about 8 different places throughout the kitchen and living room. There were piles of vomit, bile and diarrhea on my brand new living room rug, the other rug, the window seat and kitchen floor. 
I actually knew something had happened before I even came back downstairs since the awful smell had traveled upstairs through the heating vents.

So I put Logan in his pack'n'play and stood there for about 5 minutes with no idea what exactly to do. I admit it, I was totally overwhelmed. Rock Star mom went out the door. Where do you even start with that much yuck? 
Well, I decided to take some pictures first to document everything and share with the hubby who was enjoying his night off at the hockey game at Madison Square Garden...

Eventually I had to get myself to wipe up all of the different messes while on my way finding several more. Oh happy day!
I will spare you more details but it took me forever, with an eventually very unhappy baby and a very unhappy momma. The new rug is still waiting to get a deep cleaning with my MIL's carpet cleaner.
After all of that there was just enough time to get the little guy ready for bed and I was out for the night. 

After all of that I didn't think it could get much worse... Yeah right!
This morning I came downstairs to another mess inside the crate. After I let the dogs out, I started my second round of cleaning. While in the middle of all this the white one suddenly starts shooting more awfulness out of her behind straight onto my freshly mopped floor. 
At that point Logan had not even had his breakfast yet, I looked like a mess, hadn't eaten anything since lunch the day before and was about ready to lose my mind. Poor dog couldn't help it she was obviously sick, but really??? So I proceeded to have a little melt down on the phone with the hubby. Trying to be a good mom to a little guy and two dogs while keeping the house in order does get overwhelming at times. This seemed like a good enough reason to have a melt down don't you think? 

Nothing else has happened yet. I hope she's gotten it all out of her system and starts to feel better soon. She's been acting fine and seems to be interested in eating (I am not letting her yet). I just spent Logan's 45 minute nap writing this post and eating (yes my appetite finally came back). 
Now it's back to being Rock Star Mom ;) 


doesn't she look so innocent?

Friday, January 6, 2012


My first post in the new year and it's already January 6th. In Germany that means time to take that dried up, needle repelling tree down. Decorating and un-decorating the tree is my job so I'm a get on that here in a sec but I thought I'd leave you guys with some sweet pictures of the little man's first Christmas. Enjoy and Happy New Year :) 


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